About Ian

Ian worked with the Interactive Materials Education Laboratory during his Junior and Senior year in high school building simulations for the Kinect-based Science Simulation platform built by Mark Vrablic.

Tangible Coulombs

Github Repo

Using Coulomb's Law, the player can spawn both small negative and positive charges on the screen with their left hand all interacting with each other and large positive charge in the center of the screen. The small particles that the player spawns apply either an attractive or repulsive force on each other, while also having a stronger force applied to them by the large positive charge in the center of the screen.

Planetary Orbit Toss

Github Repo

Using the Universal Law of Gravitation, the player can launch a satellite into orbit around Earth using motion from their left hand. This satellite is affected by the gravitational pull of the Earth, Moon, and even the Sun all pulling on the object with a gravitational force variable with the distance between the two objects.